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since july google photos and google drive stop automatically sync photos and videos i have not been able to upload any content and i have not been able to figure how to. i used to have a account under davidmetalrulez1971 and i had a lot of photos and some videos but xhamster shut my account said i shearing prohibited content.
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I am a: trans male, Kinsey 4-5ish, ISFJ, son, brother, cousin, writer, artist, whedonite, sherlockian, whovian, singer, scientist, friend, cuddle buddy, survivor, English-speaker, victim, hopeless romantic.
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Fake! She is not kurdish his name is darcia lee
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classics like this are what turned me into a lifetime gay porno fan!
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Virgin is a word as a guy I'm offended by the suggestion that one should remove it from his/her vocabulary.
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